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Geovany Wave

  • “Going Crazy” and “Heart Pounding” Describes L.A. Lottery Winner’s Trip of a Lifetime

  • How excited would you be after winning millions on a California Lottery Scratchers®? Geovany Wave knows, because it happened to him. The 31-year-old from Los Angeles scored $2 million playing the $20 game, Crossword Deluxe. That was the start of his exciting journey

    Wave was still in the store when he found out he won. After scanning his ticket on a Lottery Check-A-Ticket machine, he showed it to the owner of the store and she confirmed the win. Wave had gone into the store during his lunch break as an average working guy and would be leaving as California’s newest multimillionaire!

    “I was going crazy. My heart started pounding,” Wave said about that thrilling moment of discovery. “Then people around me were like, ‘Let me touch you so you can give ME luck!’” He couldn’t stay long since he had other places to go

    “I went back to work and I told my boss, ‘I think I won $2 million. Can I leave right now?’” Wave doesn’t want anyone to misunderstand. He told us he was not quitting his job as a facilities manager – he likes it too much. He was simply anxious to file a claim and get that valuable ticket safely out of his hands. So, he said this to reassure his employer. “I’m still gonna work here. I just got to go before they close the [Lottery] office. Traffic is horrible.”

    Now, the real test. How could he drive on a busy road with so many thoughts racing through his head? “I had to calm myself down, you drive fast when you’re excited,” Wave said. “I wanted to be careful.” Plus, he was still desperate to reassure himself. “I stopped at a couple of stores along the way just to check my ticket. I didn’t think it was true.”