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Our goal is to provide more for California’s schools.

The California Lottery does more than just provide our players with fun games to play. The real reason California voters decided to create the California Lottery was to supplement public schools budgets through the sale of our products.

It’s an absolute fact that we generate more than $1 billion a year for education. But, you know what? After that’s divided between every K-12, Community College, CSU and UC campus and several specialized schools that huge amount becomes far more modest. It actually represents less than 1.5% of public education’s overall budget! Still, it’s important money that teachers are using for solid instructional purposes.

The Lottery establishes a three-year rolling Business Plan that sets goals and objectives to be met each fiscal year. Throughout the organization we are continuously reviewing our performance based on short-term targets. That’s because we want to ensure that we operate at maximum efficiency and can make course corrections during the fiscal period. Efficiency and effectiveness – those are our favorite words here. Like other businesses, our performance review is critical in measuring our success and identifying areas of improvement. With consistent close examination of the Lottery’s performance, we are able to keep our promise to California by maximizing our contributions to education.

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